One Giant Piece

SunIce PanoTuffin’s Island is a short distance from shore near the community of Too Good Arm, Newfoundland. The southern end of the island was still attached to the harbour ice which was still quite healthy despite it being late March. So,what else is there to do on a Sunday evening but to wander across the ice to the north end of the island to capture the last golden rays of the setting sun? As an added bonus several large ice sheets, which had become dislodged from shore, drifted lazily with the light evening breeze.

I don’t need a thousand words to describe this scene. The photo does it for me.


~ by spencedove on March 27, 2014.

One Response to “One Giant Piece”

  1. Hi Spencer. It has been a lot of years since we last saw each other and you may not remember me. But if you do remember me you will also know that I was also born on NWI. In recent years I have visited Too Good Arm but had no idea that you had a gallery there and what a treasure I was missing by not visiting it. I am in awe of your work; it is magnificent. Rest assured I will visit the next time I am home in NL.

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