Sea Breeze Park

One of my favorite places to shoot seascapes is Sea Breeze Park near Long Point, Twillingate Island. Long Point, with its picturesque lighthouse , is one of the most famous destinations in the province attracting tourists from all over. The park is noted for its rugged beauty with steep jagged cliffs rising sharply from the cold North Atlantic. Spring and early summer attract the most visitors to this area, aptly named Iceberg Alley.

My favorite time to view this pristine landscape is winter where spectacular sunsets drape the ice-covered cliffs and rafting slob and sea ice ring the shoreline in majestic rows of sparkling beauty. It’s a quieter time with only the roar of the sea and the distant sound of an occasional  seagull to catch your attention. With an excellent view to the west, the setting sun illuminates the slob ice tightly packed in neatly curved rows, layer on layer, along the sandy beach.

When I visited on this mid-winter afternoon, there was just enough cloud to the west to add some color. Winds were calm and there was ample slob ice to give the scene an other-worldly and mysterious feel. It’s a special place with much to offer.

Here are a few of my shots.


~ by spencedove on March 14, 2012.

One Response to “Sea Breeze Park”

  1. Beautiful images, Spence, even those with the cold of long winter months so evident. Color abound to create depth and details. Magnificent work, all.

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