The Art Of Photography

Despite what many people believe, photography is an art. Everyone who snaps a picture, though, is not an artists. As artists, we shouldn’t just record things, places, and events mechanically with a camera factory-set to reproduce every shot in robotic fashion. If five photographers photograph the same scene at precisely the same time, each of them should produce something aesthetically different, otherwise, we shouldn’t label it as works of art.

Each artists should acquire his/her own style, thus, enabling a piece of work to be easily identified without a signature. Producing massive files of stock photos and postcards is not art. Whatever it takes to produce ones own style, whether it be software, hardware, or a realm of other devices, should be a part of your arsenal of tools which will allow others to identify your work. Until you reach that stage, you are merely another ant in a nest of millions with no identifiable markings to distinguish you from all the others.

Life Is Just A Fantasy

Listening to negative pundits and those who frown on your methods stymies creativity. Taking advantage of filters and various types of computer software to stimulate your creativity is not the proverbial sin that so many despise. An artists who paints a scene does not necessarily reproduce exactly what he sees before him,  but rather the scene he envisions. A carpenter who builds a house to the specifications of a prospective buyer is not chastised for the tools he used or his methods of calculating. Its a means to an end. It matters not how you create your masterpiece, but rather that you created a masterpiece.

Being creative requires patience, time, and persistence. When processing a photo, always have a vision in mind as to what it is you want to accomplish. Attempting to recreate what has already been done is not unique… need to reinvent the wheel. Software programs like Photoshop allow us to redo, undo, and make adjustments without having to start from scratch. Using layers and adjustment layers offer endless possibilities to fine-tune  your work.

From Another Time

Many photographers attest to the fact that photographs, especially landscapes,  are only  meant to be taken during “the golden hours”- around sunrise or sunset. That may be true if you depend solely on your camera and mother nature since these times offer the best natural conditions with an abundance of soft,  rich light. It’s also the optimal time for shadows, giving your photo a sense of depth. But what if you want to give your work a more surreal or otherworldly look. In most cases, neither mother nature nor your camera will allow you to accomplish this feat.

Occasionally, people like to escape the real world and become captivated in a world of unexplained phenomenal wizardry, a place where imaginations run wild, where there’s no need to explain since there is no real necessity. In modern-day photography, this is now possible. For many people, this serves no purpose and has no place in the traditional world, but there is an appetite and a market for such creations. Call it what you like. It’s real.

Floating Rocks In A Blue Mist


~ by spencedove on June 26, 2011.

5 Responses to “The Art Of Photography”

  1. Amazing shot. The fog in the first image is absolute great.
    A lovley palce to take photos and you make this excellent.

  2. Great look on Photography Spence. I really like the first image with all the fog. It’s hard to find a style or type of photography to stick too. I hope in the future I can find my own path and grow into a style I can love. Great post.

  3. Absolutely stunning photos!

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