Winter Blues

Winter really dragged its heels this year. It was actually late January before we got our first significant dump of snow, and  ponds and streams didn’t freeze up until recently which pretty much made for dull photo opportunities.

But that was then and here we are now, after the first week of February, firmly encased in mother nature’s frosty grip.Love it or hate it, it’s here so why not make the most of it. Get out your snowshoes, skis, skates, or camera if you have a little unorthodox demeanor like me.

Basically everyone loves winter photos, but not everyone is willing to overcome winter’s wrath and face the elements to capture the season’s beauty. Wading waist-deep in powdery snow, or strapping on snowshoes in dawns early light is not everyone’s claim-to-fame. Above all, there has to be a passion to lure you from your comfortable surroundings ….not to mention having to be a tad bit crazy.

Besides the physical challenges, winter presents other photography related obstacles as well. At this time of year, just about everything appears either black or white. Even trees which are supposed to be evergreens year-round tend to be somewhat darker in winter. Trying to adjust your camera to compensate for the lack of light on the trees, or too much light on the bright snow, is difficult.

Light means everything in photography. Shooting when the sun is near the horizon helps capture detail in just about everything…snow in particular. Middle-of-day shots,such as the one above, are generally flat and dull producing very few shadows and little detail. They make  good postcards but boring landscape photos.

So, jump into your long johns, grab your wool mitts and go shoot some winter photos. Oops!  Oh yes,you need other clothing, too.


~ by spencedove on February 10, 2011.

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