Long Exposures

Since I switched to digital photography a few years ago, I instantly became fascinated by long exposure photography. Seascapes and night photography are two of my favorites. But it’s not always easy to capture these types of scenes. There are so many variables to consider and it’s not always easy to set up, especially at night.

Photographing long exposures during the day offers its own set of challenges. To capture scenes such as moving clouds or water, the only solution is to use a neutral density filter such as the 10-stop ND. This filter reduces the amount of light entering the lens considerably, thus, allowing for exposures varying from a few seconds to more than a minute. This, of course, depends on your aperture setting as well.

Long exposure night photography can also be a little tricky. It’s best to visit the area during the day to get a feel for what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Consider what’s going to be your foreground lead-in and take a focus reading. You’ll be glad you did after dark. Also, it’s important to orient yourself. Knowing where the north star is might add some punch to your photo since the earths northern axis rotates about this point giving the impression that this star is the only stationary one. Actually, it’s the earth’s rotation that produces this effect. I’m sure everyone has seen night photos where star trails appear as streaks of light determined by the length of the exposure.

One of my favorite  night photographers is Martin Zalba. His ability to capture long exposures with absolute clarity and detail is amazing.

Here are a few of my daytime long exposures.


Sea Breeze Park, Twillingate


Little Cobbs Arm

Chance Harbour


~ by spencedove on January 27, 2011.

One Response to “Long Exposures”

  1. splendid set of panoramas, really wonderful

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